• Decline in number of students;
  • Poor performance of teachers;
  • Lack of systems and structures for effective school administration;
  • Irregular payment of school fees;
  • Policy documents development and implementation such as staff, students and parents handbook;
  • School branding and effective marketing system;
  • Dysfunctional organizational culture;
  • Setting up a performance management system;
  • Poor recruiting, appraisal and promotion process;
  • Poor academic performance of learners;
  • Developing operational manuals amongst any other unique issue your school is undergoing.

Here’s how we can help; our consulting intervention is clear, concise and result-driven. Using the ‘DASER’ framework, our five stage consulting strategy, we work directly with your school to surmount those challenges and achieve real-time results.

Here’s how it works: 

This is our starting point when you engage us. We would seek to understand the issues, challenges, underlying factors, culture and the nature of your organisation as well as the industry you operate in.

Here, we break down the results of our diagnosis or complex issues into smaller parts to gain a better understanding. Analysis involves identifying the needs and determining the solutions to business problems. 

This is where we come up with different options as solutions going forward. Solution can be a product or a combination of products and services we offer clients. 

Here, we translate our strategy into reality. It is not just identifying problems, but actually implementing solutions to achieve underlying business objectives.

This is clear measurable results of our intervention. We quantify the impact of implementing changes on the business either by way of measuring the Return on Investment or assessing impact on sales, performance, behaviour and other intangible benefits.



Other Consulting Services We Offer

- 01

Change Management System

We provide a post-training intervention to implement the solutions provided in the training sessions.  Our team of experts are equipped to have strategic sessions at intervals with our clients during the course of the term to implement, monitor and evaluate the impact of the solutions and provide necessary support systems.

- 02

School Systems Optimization

We help schools to create new systems and improve existing systems including the Academic System, Administrative and Management System. We regularly optimize these systems to scale up the productivity and functionality of the organization.

- 03

Human Resource Management​

We help schools manage the quality of their people through a structured Recruiting, Appraisal, Promotion and Capacity Building processes which ensure that the right people are in the right offices equipped with the tools to give their best per time.

- 04


We understand that some of our clients have financial resources but do not have the time and technical expertise to start and run a school. We help such clients through our credible outsourcing offerings to start, manage and scale up their schools profitably while they seat and enjoy the dividends of their investments.

- 05

Policy Document Development

We help schools develop educational policies for students, parents, staff for regulation of behaviours, protection of child human rights, and proper interface with the government. We also help schools develop operational manuals  that details the core routine processes of the school.