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Daily Independent report of the Educators Professional Masterclass

The Daily Independent captured The Educators Professional Masterclass 2.0 themed ‘The Nigerian Educationals System That Works’  held at Chrisland School Ikeja Lagos on the 18th of January, 2020.

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The Nigerian Educational System That Works

The average Nigerian student perceives schooling as a waste of time because the education he has received has no utility as it has not enabled him translate knowledge into solving problems either by creating business opportunities or getting a viable job.

Ironically, rather than our educational system solving our common societal and economic problems, it has created even more problems by producing semi-illiterate and largely unemployable graduates most of whom who see criminality as the only way to escape the poverty trap or drug as the opium of solace. Poverty and unemployment have become a major bane of our nation.

The unemployable nature of our graduates tops the list of the factors responsible for unemployment in the nation as there is a huge gap between our outdated curriculum, the society and industries. Employers lament as graduates do not have the skillset required in an emerging and ever changing work space driven by digitization, automation and artificial intelligence.

The Nigerian youths are the future potential renewable human resource of our economy as the revenue from oil rent will soon fail us. If we are to experience a future of prosperity, we must therefore take a proactive approach now by providing a functional education that will prepare these vibrant youths.

Every system produces its own outcome. The present dilemma in our educational system is as a result of a dysfunctional underlying system. There is therefore need for an holistic restructuring of our educational system if we are to see the future we so desire.

The purpose of The Educators Professional Masterclass 2.0 is to engineer this restructuring process by assembling a team of technocrats in the educational sector who will mastermind this great vision.

We need to build a new educational system that works, the one that will be the foundation for a new and prosperous Nigeria of our dreams.

Adeleke Adesina